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Tropical non-dairy topping:



  • 1000g x 12 / carton


  • liquid



  • European style cakes, cake decorating, mousses, desserts, bread and puff fillings and ice-cream

Xuất xứ

  • Hiroad - Shanghai, China

Storage method:

  • < or = 18 degree

How to use:

  • Thaw in chiller (2 degree to 7 degree) until frozen content totally thaws out.
  • Shake well before opening
  • Pour the liquid cream into cool bowl, do not exceed 20% of the bowl capacity
  • Whip at low speed at starting until the cream …., after that turn to medium speed until thick and soft peaks formed
  • Once thaw out, consume within 7 days


  • 12 months   


  • Unique wheat flavor, it uses imported high-quality green malt extract, creating a perfect combination with non-dairy cream
  • Cakes decorated with this topping can keep their shape for 3 hours, even when the environment temperature remains above 35 degree, so it can solve long-distance transportation problems.

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